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Beatles parodies in TV variety show sketches

Please note: this is not a generic collection of Beatles appearance in live TV shows, it only features scripted sketches; interviews and songs as live performance aren't included.


Harry and Paul made a few shorts of the old Beatles that never took drugs and instead visit regularly the doctor for a prostate check, they also can convert square daughter to Beatlemania.

And this one is a commercial for YELP!

Another of my favourite TV shows parodies is the one on episode 6 of the first series of Big Train where George Martin is kidnapped by terrorists, then later released for annoying them with his never-ending Beatles-stories.

or you can watch the full episode here:

The next one from Smith and Jones is very funny even if the real Beatles parody comes at the end, which may already have seen in the main video collection; however, the whole 10 minutes clip is worth watching if you fancy a laugh.

Not as funny as the previous clips is one made by Matt Lucas & David Walliams (Lucas & Walliams) parodying George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Barbara Bach and Ringo Starr in Rock Profile with Jamie Theakston. Directed by Michael Cumming. 1999.

Another two clips featuring Peter Serafinowicz, the famous Ringo Remembers and The Beatles Box (AKA John Lennon invented the Apple iPod in the 60's)

Similar, but more shallow humour is this next clip by Star Stories featuring another George Harrison parody. No further comments.

The next two clips are Jimmy Fallon's Lennon impersonation on Saturday Night Live.
The first one is a fixed YouTube video upload; it was filmed from the TV with a shaky mobile phone and, however did it thought it is a good idea! 
It is kind hilarious how most people spends a lots of money on TVs and mobile phones and then they completely fail at using them.

The next clip, always from Saturday Night Live is best known as John Lennon and Jerry Garcia Memorials; it is a very funny sketch featuring Jimmy Fallon as John Lennon's spirit and Horatio Sanz as Jerry Garcia's spirit. Also starring Vince Vaughn, Chris Kattan and Cheri Oteri.
Original Airdate: 12/05/1998

Last but not least, another Saturday Night Live sketch offered by Jimmy Fallon & Fred Armisen.


Rob Newman's The history of the world backwards is a mock history programme set in an alternative world, where time flows forwards, but history flows backwards. It was shown on BBC Four, starting on 30 October 2007, and later shown on BBC Two. It was Newman's first television project for 14 years.

And finally The Dana Carvey Show - Leftover Beatles Memories  from 1996, featuring Stephen Colbert.


Paul McCartney has been a guest of the TV show SNL in many episodes, and still appears regularly (well, once in a while, maybe once every two years). As we previously seen in the video collection The Beatles as actors, him and Ringo did a few memorable funny sketches that can be watched in full in the previous blog. I won't post the full clips again, but you can visit THIS PAGE to watch them, if you fancy so. (

In fact, I suggest you to visit the blog linked above for any real-Beatle appearance in TV shows!

I will only share this for now, which is a supercuts of Ringo's appearance at the Rowan & Martin's Laugh In show.

... and the extracts from the Rutland Weekend Television featuring George Harrison

.. and this is the unedited version:

The two mock/fake interviews with Paul and George at the "Weird Al" Yankovic television  show, also known as Al TV, are two interesting clips to show in this blog:


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