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The Beatles in reverse

Usually when we think about the Beatles leaving messages that can be heard only if the track is played backwards we associate this to the Paul is Dead conspiracy, but it's not always the case.
That the Beatles played around placing reversed guitar solo in the songs as well as singing backwards like John did in Rain, it's not big news. We shouldn't be surprised that the boys used some of their studio time to go the extra mile and make some songs able to be listened at even backwards.

In this blog I will present a few song backmask that has nothing to do with Paul McCartney's death or satanism. Probably the boys were having a laugh at doing so and, if accidental, there is always the theory of the "subconscious backwards talking", but I won't talk about it, thou I suggest to look it up.
Of course it is required to have a bit of sense of humour to appreciate this blog and its content.

The backmasking behind the song "You Know my names (look up the number)", b-side of the single  "Let it Be" is very interesting as it reflects the situation the Beatles were at the moment of the release; as John said: "Apple is losing money. If it carries on like this, we'll be broke in six months."
The motherfucker bit that you can hear sung by Paul could be easily referred to Allen Klein.
Also, there is the indisputable shouting of John Lennon pronouncing his name twice, that's very Lennonesque.

Although "You Know my name (look up the number)" was a song from 1968, in my opinion the messages are not accidental. They were appositely planted there.
To know more about the song, listen at this short podcast by Professor Moptop.

Another funny backmask is found in John Lennon's solo song "(Just like) Starting Over" where he sings about finishing the gazelle and not being able to sleep.

While a more sophisticated lyric can be heard when listening at George Harrison's "Blow Away" reversed. References to the Dark Horse can be metaphorically interpreted as galloping and singing of the artist in the message he left.

Words here and there can be found also in the other Harrison's song "Here Come the Moon".
Nothing revealing, still interesting (for some).

There are however a few intention backwards messages/singing.
One of course is the one on Rain that is nothing but the same chorus of the song. John sung it backwards ("stare her down and marry mock near with it") so that (if) reversed sounds like the chorus ("If the rain comes they run and hide their heads"), have a listen:

Another from John is the one in Meat City (1973)
There are actually two versions of this short message ... sped up and reversed message.
The one on the Walls and Bridges album is different from the single B-side of Mind games, have a listen:

While a very obscure one from Paul McCartney can be found on Don't Stop Running, thirteenth track from The Fireman album "Electric Arguments" (2008).
Click here for the forwards version :

And this is the same audio played backwards. He says "Warmer than the sun, cooler than the air".


As I said, I'm not going to go into any PID subject, but I'll leave a playlist you can use.
… or use this link :

A lots of words and short phrases can be heard if The Beatles White Album is played backwards.
A channel called searchin1truth uploaded the entire album in reverse.

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Who was the Walrus?

The Walrus is a character mentioned in many Beatles songs and later on Lennon's song "God", it was also brought back up in the 80s with George Harrison's video "When we were fab". This video is a collection of references to the walrus in songs and interviews.

When Lennon received a letter from his old school, the Quarry Bank High School, telling him that they were having a class based on the analysis of the Beatles' song lyrics, Lennon had the brilliant idea to write a completely nonsense song by using character from books he read and stories he imagined.
The Walrus was inspired by "The Walrus and the Carpenter" story from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass (one of John's favourite books).
"Walrus is just saying a dream", recalled John more than a decade after he composed it.
Same for the "Egg Man" whom has been interpreted as referring to Humpty Dumpty (from "Alice in Wonderland" books).
You can read a more accurate description on the Mental Floss' blog:

Also have a listen at this interview with Pete Shotton (John's best friend).

The lyrics for I Am The Walrus were a mock of a nursery rhyme.

Yellow matter custard, green slop pie,
all mixed together with a dead dog’s eye.
Slap it on a butty , ten foot thick,
then wash it all down with a cup of cold sick.

You can read a more accurate description here :

Who was the Walrus? Anomalies

Dr.Tomoculus made a fantastic job in spotting particular things that really raise some eyebrows when you ask yourself who's behind each mask.
A wrist-watch and a ring on Paul and Ringo seems to appear and disappear and being swapped between each other. Also you can note in a photo that Ringo seems to have no moustaches in his face ... Very interesting.

John playing around (doing the walrus tail) and Paul wearing George's mask (or a similar one) on the set of the video.

There is also an alternated version of the music video of "I am the walrus" that was never officially published. Decisively an interesting version.

Or the original unremastered version.

Friday, 30 December 2016

The Beatles Clappers

This post is about the clappers used on Beatles and ex-Beatles movies and music videos or interviews and VTR clocks used during their TV broadcast.

This is a project that took me a while before deciding to realized it and, as soon as I published it I found a lot of new material. Because I'm not planning to make an update any time soon I will share the clips not included in the main video one by one.
This is the main video.

Let's start with this photo of director Richard Lenster on the set of Help! Funny how he's using the clapper as a sort of pillow.

Somehow I missed this photo while editing the main video as this screenshot is taken from one of the version of Hello Goodbye I used.

And another frameshot from video I am the walrus outtakes.

The next is a clip from the Anthology.

And this other one is from the filming of "Free as a Bird".

Here also some more clappers from Strawberry Fields Forever

This one is taken from the videoclips of Buck Owens and Ringo Star

Ringo Starr again from the videoclip "Hey Baby" (1976)

George Harrison & Bob Dylan in concert.

The next clip is 5 minutes long, it is the sound-check of a concert in Sidney by Wings. it's all clappers.

There is also an audio clip of the take #27 of Let it Be. While the one on the main video is the take #23 from Savile Row, this one is from the Twickenham Session. You can hear the full track here:

A nice photo Barbara Bach during the filming of Caveman in 1981, where just like George met and fell in love with Patty Boyd while filming A Hard Day's Night, Ringo met Barbara in the same way.

And to end this blog, here's a couple of VTR clocks.
In case if you wondering what VTR Clocks are used for, here's simple explication:
in order to allow a Microcomputer to place a countdown and indent clock on video productions the programme allows the user to type in the production details on the slate, and also to present some identification text in the space below the clock. The countdown may be started at any ten-second point, and the take number is incremented automatically. The screen can be arranged to fade to black automatically at the three-second point.

Beatles with records

There is a specific blogspot created by Beatlesblogger called "Beatles with records" that cover this subject in details. This video was made in part with the help of this existing blogspot and in part with my own research. Beatlesblogger and I were both working independently on the same subject but, while I was saving onto my computer each photo I was finding myself, he was posting other in his page suggested by the members:
When I contacted him to ask the permission to use some of his material he kindly agreed.
Click HERE to see the post about our collaboration (... the page is not updated).

So, here an animated presentation where the records shown on the photograph are visualized in their actual resemblance. There was a lot of editing behind this video.

To download the image files used in this video click HERE.


By using some spared photos of celebrities holding Beatles records and Beatles-People/relatives with the album they designed etc. I put up this other video.
Anything Beatles-related is always a good subject to share !

Mysterious Link !



Songs with references to the Beatles

A lot of artists mentioned John Lennon in their songs, some other dedicated a whole song to the Beatles.
Here is a sample of 250 songs with references to the fab four: from Christmas songs to hate songs, from tributes to a section fully dedicated to the Paul is Dead conspiracy.
Famous artists like Prince, Bob Dylan, The Monkees, David Bowie, The Clash, Rolling Stones, Oasis and international band, all singing about the Beatles.

If you fancy listening at the full tracks, here's a 14 hours long video.
Scroll down for the track list.

PS: I am planning to make a part 2 of this video as I keep on finding new song, so, feel free to suggest any song unlisted in the video.

Online track list:

Carefrees 0:10
Vernons Girls 2:15
Cinda Rella 4:15
Donna Lynn 6:30
Donna Lynn 8:48
Dora Bryan 11:03
Four Preps 13:24
Bobby Wilding 16:18
Johnny & The Hurricanes 18:48
The Angels 21:11
Judy and Duets 23:30
Bob Moline 25:49
Dell Randle - The Monkey And The Beatles - Skarari 28:10
Murry Kellum I dreamed I was a Beatle Memphis 30:37
R Dean Taylor - My Ladybug 33:48
Annie & The Orphans 35:35
Bonnie Brooks - Bring Back My Beatles To Me 37:36
Paula Lemmont 39:56
Swans - The Boy With The Beatle Haircut 42:19
Sonny Curtis - A Beatle I Want To Be 44:45
Ray Ruff And The Checkmates 47:18
Colin Anthony and the Beat Combo 49:12
Exterminator 51:36
Jekyll and Hyde 53:45
Sonny Bloch's Elephants 55:37
Scott Douglas the beatles barber 58:28
Al FIsher & Lou Marks 1:00:32
Rolf Harris 1:02:27
Gigi Parker and the Lonelies 1:05:41
Fondettes 1:08:08
Girls on the beach 1:10:13
Little Lady Beetles 1:12:09
Bulldogs 1:14:20
Bobby Comstock 1:16:37
Lil' Sally Plus The Ventures Welcome Beatles 1:17:07
Benny and the Bedbugs 1:19:23
Schoolboys 1:21:36
Mike Scott - Beatles Reunion Blues 1:24:23
Clash - London Calling 1:29:07
The Clash - 1977 1:32:30
Descendents - Catalina 1:34:09
Mott the Hoople 1:35:55
The Who 1:39:23
The Police 1:42:27
Bad Company 1:46:03
Sense Field 1:52:13
Liverpool Express 1:55:06
William Pear 1:59:21
Beady Eye - Beatles and Stones 1:59:51
Delaney & Bonnie 2:02:54
David Peel & The Apple Band 2:06:16
Bloodhund Gang 2:09:03
Monkeeys 2:12:04
Temptations - Ball of confusion 2:14:35
Billy Joel 2:18:46
Falco - The Sound of Musik 2:22:51
Korgis 2:27:07
House of Love - The Beatles and The Stones 2:31:12
Eric Burdon & The Animals 2:34:33
Outsiders 2:38:40
The Frost 2:40:58
Hindu Rodeo - Chasing The Beatles 2:44:37
Beta Band 2:49:40
Edwyn Collins - Doctor Syntax - The Beatles 2:53:22
Richard Orange- Beatlesque 2:58:47
Pete Sinfield 3:06:12
Tall Dwarfs 3:10:57
Billy Preston 3:13:45
Electric Light Orche tra 3:17:03
Daniel Johnston The Beatles 3:21:28
Sugarloaf 3:23:59
Lipstick 3:27:24
Joe Diffie - Bigger Than The Beatles 3:30:48
Cledus T. Judd 3:34:43
Weird Al Yankovic 3:38:35
Qworymen 3:41:46
Eurythmics Shame 3:45:36
Dream Academy - Life in A Northern Town 3:50:01
Devendra Banhart 3:53:50
Paul Simon The Late Great Johnny Ace 3:55:38
Blake Shelton 4:00:24
John Wesley Harding 4:04:10
Bill Clifton 4:09:30

Sweet Sixteen 4:12:18
Peter Belli & Les Rivals - Roll Over Beatles 4:14:29
Gerd Böttcher - Nur keine Beatle-Frisur 4:17:06
Ilya Slovesnik 4:19:36
Nicki und Nero 4:23:21
Karel Gott 4:25:51
Laurent Voulzy 4:28:14
Philippe Chatel 4:32:19
Acda en De Munnik 4:37:13
Gianni Morandi 4:39:40
Stadio 4:42:30
Elio - Beatles, Rolling Stones & Bo Dylan 4:47:36
Elio - Litfiba tornate insieme 4:50:17
Riccardo Cocciante 4:53:10
Andres Pajeres 4:56:57
Erasmo Carlos 5:00:02
Czestaw Niemen 5:02:43
Mara Landin 5:05:31
Elis Regina 5:08:31
Zezè DI Camargo & Luciano 5:12:28
Leno 5:16:01
Tex Haper 5:18:55
Flamingos - Mein Beatle Baby (USA) 5:22:50

Oasis - supersonic 5:25:05
Oasis - Morning Glory 5:29:46
Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger 5:34:50
Rolling Stones 5:39:37
Keith Green 5:43:32
Kasabian 5:46:48
Pink Floyd 5:52:37
David Bowie - young american 5:58:10
Frank Zappa 6:03:14
Porcupine Tree 6:05:29
Quarteto 1111 Ode To The Beatles 6:14:17
Moran the Beatles thing 6:17:25
Don McLean 6:20:14
Beatle-Ettes 6:28:48
Bush - Glycerine 6:30:46
Marie Laforêt 6:35:05
Franco Battiato Cuccurucucu 6:38:21
Franco Battiato stati di Gioia 6:42:28
Dream Theatre 6:45:35
Captain Beefheart 7:09:31

The Beatles 7:12:48
Ramones 7:15:46
Cranberries 7:19:32
Queens 7:22:15
David Bowie - Life On Mars 7:25:46
Yoko Ono No Bed for Beatle John 7:29:34
Tim Curry 7:34:15
Duncan Sheik - That says it all 7:38:18
Eighteen Visions 7:42:02
Arkells 7:45:53
Flaming Lips 7:49:57
Prince - Annie Christian 7:56:07
Lil Wayne 8:00:23
Bob Dylan - Roll On, John 8:05:14
Bob Dylan - Roll On, John (IMPRO) 8:12:35
Eltom John 8:15:45
Barclays James Harvest 8:21:07
Daubert & Holcombe 8:29:18
Neil Sedaka - The Immigrant 8:33:11
Klaatu 8:37:33
Susanna Hoffs 8:41:22
Cavern 8:45:39
Ellis Paul 8:49:45
Ben Linforf 8:54:13
Hamell on Trial 8:55:13
Libido Slave 8:58:45
Rainbo 9:02:39
Rosa Maria 9:06:20
Pedro Guerra 9:12:26
Odair Josè 9:16:26
Mashima Vremeni 9:19:06
Ney Matogrosso 9:23:01
Belchoir 9:25:42
Puhdys 9:30:46
Easy 9:34:30
Raznye Ludi 9:38:14
Tunai 9:43:34
Ruja 9:47:03
Peter Cromo - Ti pentirai 9:5:40
Автограф - Джон Леннон 9:53:35
Richie Sambora 10:02:05
Back Pack 10:06:12
Julian Lennon 10:10:38
Paul McCartney - Dear Friend 10:14:10
Paul McCartney - Dear Friend (reprise) 10:20:10
Paul McCartney - Here Today 10:20:58

John Lennon - How Do You Sleep 10:24:24
Scissor Sisters 10:29:59
Marianne Rosenberg 10:33:45
Umas & Outras 10:36:16
Tony Hazzard 10:38:52
Michel Delpech 10:40:40
Valery Yarushin 10:44:19
Deti 10:49:03
Tracy Steel-A Letter To Paul 10:52:48

Mystery Tour 10:54:56
Zacherias & The Tree people 10:59:30
Werbley Finster 11:02:41
Billy Shears and the AllAmericans 11:05:56
Terry Knight 11:08:52

George Martin 11:14:25
Bonnie Jo Mason (Cher) 11:17:39
Three Blonde Mice 11:19:26
Ella Fitzgerard 11:21:53
Bon Bons 11:23:43
Rolf Harris 11:25:42
Young World Singers 11:28:10
Young World Singers 11:30:48
Neil Sheppard 11:33:28
Dick Lord 11:35:45
Whippets 11:38:28
Weekends 11:40:34
Darlene Terri 11:42:41
Starlettes 11:44:49
Veronica Lee with the Moniques 11:47:19
Garry Ferrier 11:49:38
Chung & Doug 11:52:20
Lorne Green 11:54:36
Larry Finnegan 11:58:12
Dorie Peyton 12:00:28
BlackFish 12:02:12
Dead Milkmen 12:07:41
Happy Mondays 12:09:56
Young Fresh Fellows 12:13:34
Rainbows 12:17:39
Angie & the Chicklettes 12:19:47
James Kochalka Superstar 12:22:05
Allan Sherman 12:23:48
Nuovi Angeli 12:24:18

Udi Subudi 12:27:28
Frank Mills - Bojoura 12:31:12
Fernando Tordo 12:33:12
Kino 12:36:23

Keith & Ken - The Beatles Got To Go 12:37:56
Matt McGinn - Ban The Beatles 12:40:00
Bug Men - Beatles You Bug Me 12:43:33
Gary Sanders - Ain't No Beatles 12:44:54
Brad Berwick - I'm Better Than The Beatles 12:48:22
Allan Sherman - Pop Hates the Beatles 12:50:22

George Harrison - Fab 12:53:25
George Harrison - Living In The Material World 12:57:18
Ringo Starr - don't pass me by 13:02:39
Ringo Starr - Early 1970 13:07:59
Ringo Starr - Postcards from Paradise 13:10:18
Paul McCartney - That was me 13:13:42
Paul McCartney - My Brave Face 13:16:28
Paul McCartney - Early Days 13:20:11
John Lennon - I Know 13:24:31
John Lennon - God 13:28:19

The Rutles 13:32:32
The Masked Marauders 13:36:19
Barenaked Ladies - Be My Yoko Ono 13:38:41
John Fred His Playboy Band-Judy In Disguise With Glasses 13:41:35
Casino Royale (Feat. Stefano Edda Rampoldi) - J.S.S. 13:44:23
New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Beatlemania 13:46:27
Oasis - Live Forever 13:51:18
Elio - Pipppero 13:56:16
D.B.M. - Disco Beatlemania 14:03:22
Santo & Johnny - El Blues De Los Beatles 14:09:34
Santo & Johnny - El Stomp De Los Beatles 14:11:50
Stars on 45 14:14:00
Danger Mouse 14:23:49
Jack Nitzsche 14:25:51
Lenore King -The Beatles Is Back 14:26:26
Ed Solomon - The Beatle Flying Saucer 14:28:55
Charlie - Best Ex-Beatle 14:31:00
Dave Hamilton & His Peppers - Beatle Walk 14:31:34
The Tributes 14:34:15
Robert Longo 14:36:47
Alan Gordon - I Ain't Gonna Cry Tonight 14:40:51
Flaming Lips 14:43:52

If you managed to read this far, you should also check out the episode #83  of Something About the Beatles. A very interesting weekly podcast:

Audio :

Also, Professor Moptop in collaboration with SgtPepperChannel made a very interesting clip on Christmas songs about the Beatles.

Songs from Professor Moptop video:

"I Want A Beetle For Christmas"- Becky Dm Beck
"I Want A Beale For Christmas" - Parry Sad, And The Canadian VIPs
"I Want A Beetle For Christmas' - Jackie & Jill
 "I Want Ringo For Christmas" - The Four Sisters
"Christmas With The Beatles" - Judy & The Duets
"Santa, Bring Me Ringo" - Christine Hunter
"Santa, Bring Me Ringo" - Tich and Quackers
"Ringo Bells" b/w 'Twelve Days Of Christmas" - Three Blonde Mice
"The Beatles For Christmas"/"Ringo Bells" - Bobby Roberts and the Ravons

Song not included in this post (but coming soon):

Tina Allen - John, Paul, Ringo & George
The B.R.A.T.T.S. - Secret Weapon (The British Are Coming)
Patty Cakes - I Understand Them
Johnny Hampton - The Beatle Dance
The Roaches - Beatle Mania Blues
The Bagels - I Want To Hold Your Hair
The Japanese Beatles - The Beatles Song (Japanese Style
The Twiliters - My Beatle Haircut
Little Cheryl - Yeh Yeh, We Love 'Em All
Jessica Bell - Ode To Four
The Justice Department - Let John And Yoko Stay In The U.S.A.
Jack White - I Ain't No Beatle
Gene Cornish & The UnBeetables - I Want To Be A Beatle
Gerard Kenny & The New York Band - Get Back Beatles
Mike Oldfield - Moonlight Shadow ft. Maggie Reilly
Nina Simone - Revolution
Quartetto Cetra - Un disco dei Beatles
Rick Springfield- 3 Warning Shots
David Bowie - Afraid
Dick Lord -Like Ringo
Don Backy - Samba
Dschinghis Khan - The rocking son of Dschinghis Khan
Dynamite Hack - Boyz in the hood
FM static - Flop Culture
New radicals - I hope I don't give away the ending
Freddie Garrity - John Lennon
Achim Shultz - Bye Bye George Harrison
Grateful Dead - He's dead
Harry Nilsson - "There's No More Ringo Starr"
Kanye West - Gorgeous
King Crimson - Happy Family
Loreine Green - Ringo
Mark Hudson - His name was John
Mastodon - The Hunter
Ringo - Never without you
Ringo Starr - Liverpool 8
Oasis - The Shock Of The Lightning
Pink Floyd's Echoes
Radiohead - Paperbag Writer
Ricky Nelson - Garden Party
Three Dog Night - Never been to Spain
The Rifles - Rock the boat
Ryan Adams feat Norah Jones - Dear John
Sugar Loaf - We'll call you
The Jam - Start
Yoko Ono – Goodbye Sadness
Tem Ainda Caetano Veloso - it's a long way
Tavito -  Rua Ramalhete
Renato e Seus Blue Caps - Como a dez anos atràs
Toquinho - Imaginem
Gilberto Gil - Chukberry Fields Forever
14 Bis - Perdidos em Abbey Road
Beto Guedes - Conção do novo mundo
Caetano - Qualquer Coisa
Silvio Rodriguez - Quien Fuera
Alan Gordon (The Extragordonary Band) - I Ain't Gonna Cry Tonight
Betty Boo - Im on My Way
David Peel - B-E-A-T-L-E-S
Elton John - Regimental Sgt Zippo
George Harrison - Johnny's birthday
George Harrison - All those years ago
Beatles Song - Glass Onion
Beatles Song - i am the walrus
Ringo Starr - Harry's Song
Half Japanese - No More Beatle Mania
Hungária együttes - Visszatér a múlt
Meatmen - One Down, Three To Go
The Motions - Long Hair
The National - Don't Swallow the Cap
National Lampoon - Genius Is Pain
The People - Come Back Beatles
Peter, Paul & Mary  I Dig Rock & Roll Music
Professor Bug - Beatlemania Pts. 1 & 2
Rae Sremmurd - Black Beatles ft. Gucci Mane
The Residents- Meet The Residents
Rolling Stones - Let it Bleed
Scorpions - Speedy's Coming
Spiritualized - Come Together
The Teen Bugs - Yes, You Can Hold My Hand
The Barbarians - Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl
The Trixies -  We Love You Beatles
Tich and Quackers - Santa, Bring Me Ringo
Justin Timberlake - Murder (feat. Jay-Z) - YouTube
Jan and Dean - Linda
Stevie Wonder - What are you doing (from McCartneys' album Tug of War), he sings "she loves you yeah yeah yeah"
Piccolo Coro dell'Antoniano - I Beagles

And as big finale I present you an Oasis special !

The Beatles Advertisements

Nobody likes watching the commercials on TV ... except, in our case, we go crazy when we see any advert about the Beatles or any ex-beatle.
Here, for the first time ever all the Beatles and ex-Beatles advertisements from newspapers, radio and TV commercials dating from 1957 up to 2016.
I gathered most of these adverts in a 3 hours long video that covers all the years from the early posters and business cards in 1957 to the recent documentary Eight days a Week. A journey through vintage and modern adverts in chronological order (per year).

Most of these clips can be found on YouTube, but it will take took long to search for each of them, also they can't be re-used as they are copyrighted. This short video will explain why:

Soon I will upload each single photo/scan used in this video along new ones.

For now I have made a page with all the advertisements from newspapers, magazines and billboards from the year 1990 to 2016

1979 -
1980 -
1981 -
1982 -
1983 -
1984 -
1985 -
1986 -
1987 -
1988 -
1989 -
1990 -
1991 -
1992 -
1993 -
1994 -
1995 -
1996 -
1997 -
1998 -
1999 -
2000 :
2001 :
2002 :
2003 :
2004 :
2005 :
2006 :
2007 :
2008 :
2009 :
2010 :
2012 :
2013 :
2014 :
2015 :
2016 :


Suggestive Beatles Photos

Seven interesting photos:

The first is a photograph taken by Ringo Starr in 1964 from the airplane.

And this last one was taken in 1965 on the set of Help!

And anther one from the set of Help!

I love this photo of John on drums during the rehearsal of All you need is love in 1967.

Ringo Starr waiting behind the curtain at City Park Stadium in New Orleans, 1964.

George Harrison Harrison and his Gretsch PX6122 "Chet Atkins" Country Gentleman.

Ringo Starr taking a break during the filming of A Hard Day's Night.

A very nice photo of John