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The Beatles in reverse

Usually when we think about the Beatles leaving messages that can be heard only if the track is played backwards we associate this to the Paul is Dead conspiracy, but it's not always the case.
That the Beatles played around placing reversed guitar solo in the songs as well as singing backwards like John did in Rain, it's not big news. We shouldn't be surprised that the boys used some of their studio time to go the extra mile and make some songs able to be listened at even backwards.

In this blog I will present a few song backmask that has nothing to do with Paul McCartney's death or satanism. Probably the boys were having a laugh at doing so and, if accidental, there is always the theory of the "subconscious backwards talking", but I won't talk about it, thou I suggest to look it up.
Of course it is required to have a bit of sense of humour to appreciate this blog and its content.

The backmasking behind the song "You Know my names (look up the number)", b-side of the single  "Let it Be" is very interesting as it reflects the situation the Beatles were at the moment of the release; as John said: "Apple is losing money. If it carries on like this, we'll be broke in six months."
The motherfucker bit that you can hear sung by Paul could be easily referred to Allen Klein.
Also, there is the indisputable shouting of John Lennon pronouncing his name twice, that's very Lennonesque.

Although "You Know my name (look up the number)" was a song from 1968, in my opinion the messages are not accidental. They were appositely planted there.
To know more about the song, listen at this short podcast by Professor Moptop.

Another funny backmask is found in John Lennon's solo song "(Just like) Starting Over" where he sings about finishing the gazelle and not being able to sleep.

While a more sophisticated lyric can be heard when listening at George Harrison's "Blow Away" reversed. References to the Dark Horse can be metaphorically interpreted as galloping and singing of the artist in the message he left.

Words here and there can be found also in the other Harrison's song "Here Come the Moon".
Nothing revealing, still interesting (for some).

There are however a few intention backwards messages/singing.
One of course is the one on Rain that is nothing but the same chorus of the song. John sung it backwards ("stare her down and marry mock near with it") so that (if) reversed sounds like the chorus ("If the rain comes they run and hide their heads"), have a listen:

Another from John is the one in Meat City (1973)
There are actually two versions of this short message ... sped up and reversed message.
The one on the Walls and Bridges album is different from the single B-side of Mind games, have a listen:

While a very obscure one from Paul McCartney can be found on Don't Stop Running, thirteenth track from The Fireman album "Electric Arguments" (2008).
Click here for the forwards version :

And this is the same audio played backwards. He says "Warmer than the sun, cooler than the air".


As I said, I'm not going to go into any PID subject, but I'll leave a playlist you can use.
… or use this link :

A lots of words and short phrases can be heard if The Beatles White Album is played backwards.
A channel called searchin1truth uploaded the entire album in reverse.

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