Friday, 30 December 2016

Beatles with records

There is a specific blogspot created by Beatlesblogger called "Beatles with records" that cover this subject in details. This video was made in part with the help of this existing blogspot and in part with my own research. Beatlesblogger and I were both working independently on the same subject but, while I was saving onto my computer each photo I was finding myself, he was posting other in his page suggested by the members:
When I contacted him to ask the permission to use some of his material he kindly agreed.
Click HERE to see the post about our collaboration (... the page is not updated).

So, here an animated presentation where the records shown on the photograph are visualized in their actual resemblance. There was a lot of editing behind this video.

To download the image files used in this video click HERE.


By using some spared photos of celebrities holding Beatles records and Beatles-People/relatives with the album they designed etc. I put up this other video.
Anything Beatles-related is always a good subject to share !

Mysterious Link !



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